Pre-born baby 8 weeks old


We have a vision for a better tomorrow. We hope to create a world where human life is respected and treated as precious and valuable. We hope to see a future where children are educated to have an intrinsic respect for human life from the pre-born to the elderly.

Sandia Medical Transcription will help create this future by becoming the leading medical transcription service in its class, offering exclusive access to the highest quality products and services to traditional Catholic doctors and doctors who perform only moral medical procedures.

We will deliver real efficiencies and tangible advantages over competitors.

Sandia Medical Transcription will compete openly, aggressively, and fairly.

Sandia Medical Transcription will attract talented transcriptionists by creating a work environment that is financially, educationally, spiritually, professionally, and personally rewarding.

Finally, Sandia Medical Transcription will financially support causes dedicated to making a traditional Catholic education accessible to those who desire it for themselves or for their children.